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Hey, I'm Brynne.


I'm an animal-lover, a world traveller, and a mom. I have a messy house but a tidy tack room, and believe that there's a right and a wrong way to load the dishwasher.

​I didn't grow up the traditional route. My family moved and traveled a lot, and by the time I was 16 years old I had moved 18 times. I spent years on a sailboat traveling and being homeschooled as a kid, and then continued that travel & nomadic lifestyle as a young adult.


When I was 18, I bought myself a tiny sailboat and lived aboard for a summer. When I was 20, I took some time off of University, packed a 40 litre backpack, and went to South America for 6 months. There, I spent most of my time sleeping in a hammock deep in the Amazon jungle, or volunteering at various wildlife sanctuaries. 

Photo credit: Shelly Lynn Photography

Now, my husband and I raise our son on a small hobby farm where we pretend to farm cattle and ride horses, but mostly just curse at all the rocks and lack of topsoil. We currently spend as much time as possible at our ever-inspiring property located at Skinner's Bluff.

All that being said... if you're looking for a photographer who is comfortable in running shoes or rubber boots, will climb a mountain or walk the beach, will cuddle with nearly any animal you can think of (I draw the line at tarantulas, but I'm working on it), or someone who can just help you feel comfortable and have some fun - reach out. I'd love to chat! 

Skinners Bluff Studio is located near Big Bay, ON. and serves Grey-Bruce & beyond.


South America, 2011

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